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Cavitation uses ultrasound to cause a cavitation effect (bubbles)

in the intercellular fluid surrounding subcutaneous fat cells. This action

causes the fat cells to rupture, while all the other cellular

membranes, tissues, and systems remain unaffected. When the fat

cells are ruptured the contents of the fats cells: triglycerides and 
adipocytes are released into the 
body and absorbed by the body's

lymphatic system and then processed out of the body through

the liver by the body's natural metabolism.
$600.00 for 2 sessions.


Cool Sculpturing
Cool Sculpturing is an FDA-cleared treatment that freezes

stubborn fat in hard-to-reachareas. Thigh Fat, Back Fat, Love

handles, Bra fat, Belly Fat and double chin, banana roll, and arm

fat. Coolscupting uses crolipolysis,which is just a technical way to say

fat-freezing. When fat cells freeze, they die and are then naturally

eliminated through the body's natural process.



PRP hair loss r-

Advancements in the field of Platelet-rich plasma therapy have

led to its use as a PRP hair treatment option. This therapy is

ideal for sufferers of premature balding and hair loss. PRP for hair

restoration purposes can provide natural-looking results, without the

need for costly surgical procedures. Dr injects Plaletet

Rich plasma into your scalp after extracting it from your blood. the

hair loss PRP solution contains platelet-rich fibrin and growth

factors that naturally stimulate new hair growth. and better yet, the

PRP hair treatment is suitable for both men and women. $700.00


PDO V line lift-

Lift year off your face, The PDO

Thread lift is our signature non- surgical facelift to instantly tighten

loose skin on the face, neck, or body. After local numbing, a

hollow needle is strategically inserted into the skin to position

barbed threads into the soft tissue. The needle is removed leaving

behind the threads which attach to the tissue and stimulate collagen

production. the thread is slightly pulled up to lift sagging skin which

can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

regular price $3,500.00


Plexr Plasma eye lift-

Plexr plasma is an FDA-approved

non-surgical treatment that can treat specific concerns in small.

delicate areas without the need for an invasive procedure. plasma lift

the skin above your eyes, remove excess skin such as eyelids bags,

tighten the skin, and/or get rid of scars. this treatment is a

revolutionary treatment that can help you achieve your aesthetic

goals without general anesthesia and a lengthy recovery time. It's

the perfect way to restore your youth and confidence.


Chemical Peel-

A chemical peel is a technique

used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, and

hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to

exfoliate and eventually peel off. The treatment is used to improve

age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, freckles, and moderate skin coloration.



Mesotherapy involves a simple series of injections that help break

down unwanted small localized areas of fats. This process of

breaking down fat is referred to as lipolysis. When injected into fatty

tissue with very thin needles, the double layer of the fat cell

membrane swells and hardens and the agent, which acts as a

detergent, begins the fat breakdown, transforming the fat

cells into tiny little fat particles of nano-size. The final process

occurs in the liver where the fats are completely broken down into

carbon dioxide and water.


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